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I had to design a stainless steel 304 vessel to be used for high saline water service at 10 bar pressure and 60 C. What precautions are needed during design?

 Do not use higher allowable stress as allowed by the code. The Vessel has to be normally overdesigned so that the stresses in the main component of the vessel do not exceed 50% of yield strength. 

When we use PVElite for Pressure Vessel design, and wish to conduct fatigue analysis, it does the analysis for nozzles. Do we need to input piping load data on nozzles for such fatigue analysis? What about the skirt to shell/ head joint and the flange bol

Yes, you need to do WRC 107 analysis after inputting piping load data and then conduct the fatigue analysis. The flange bolt need to be analysed separately for fatigue analysis as PVElite doesnot have the facility. 

During an inservice inspection, lot of macro cracks were detected on the weldlines of teh tank storing caustic soda solution. It is feared that the cracks are due to SCC. How do we repair and protect teh tank for future damages?

Stress corrosion cracks develop in the highly stresses area. The welds are affected more as the welding residual stresses cause higher stresses in welds. The affected weld has to be removed by chipping or gouging and has to be re-welded. These welds need to be stress relieved (PWHT conducted) to avoid any future damages.

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I did my piping technology course from distance learning mode, however the instructor My Roy was always available for any queries and I really enjoyed the depth of the course. It is a very good foundation for furthering your career into piping engineering and surely recommend CGNL to any one.  


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