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Distance Learning Program on Hazardous Chemical Management

Course Content

  • Philosophy of Safety
  • Introduction to Process Safety
  • Process Safety Check
  • Process Safety and Hazard Management System
  • Hazardous Area Classification for Electrical Equipments
  • Approaches for Safe Process Design
  • Design Inherently Safer Chemical Plant
  • Safety by Emergency Relief System
  • Safe Layout for Hydrocarbon Process Units
  • Handling Chemicals
  • Safety in Handling Petroleum Products
  • Methanol Specifications & Properties
  • LPG Specifications, Properties and Safe Practices
  • LPG Handling & Safety
  • Benzene, Toluene & Xylene Specifications, Properties and Safe Practices
  • Safety Precaution in Handling Ammonia
  • Ammonia Storage & Handling
  • Chlorine Specifications, Handling & Safety
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Specifications and Properties
  • Acetic Acid Specifications, Handling and Safety
  • Nitric Acid Specifications, Handling and Safety
  • Liquid Nitrogen Specifications, Handling & Safety
  • Inspection for Safety
  • Designs and Operate Flares Safely
  • Design of Flares, Ground Level Concentration
  • Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Water as an Ignition Source
  • Occupational Health Hazard Petroleum Handling
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fire Protection Facilities for Petroleum Terminals
  • Engineering Materials
  • Engineering Material Selection

Who should attend?

This program is useful for fresh & experienced engineers or engineers desiring to shift to Hazardous Chemical Management and Safety disciplines. The course is continuously revised for the updated technology.


NZ $ 800, Courseware to be sent in pdf format (Through Email)

How to Register

Use Registration button on this page. You can pay the fee through paypal or wire transfer. We also recommend you to take a free online test to avail of discount in the fee based on your performance.

Fees: NZ $800


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I did my piping technology course from distance learning mode, however the instructor My Roy was always available for any queries and I really enjoyed the depth of the course. It is a very good foundation for furthering your career into piping engineering and surely recommend CGNL to any one.  


Souhail Khan

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