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Distance Learning Programs

The need for a distance learning (through correspondence) course in engineering areas has been long felt by the prospective and existing engineering professionals. CGNL is actively involved in engineering training in areas related to Piping, Process Equipment, Material Handling, Materials Technology etc.

Methodology :

  • Technical course material shall be distributed through email in PDF format
  • Case studies will be allotted to all participants and they will be asked to submit their solutions. This will allow us to rate the progress of the participants and provide suggestions for improvements.
  • Tests will be conducted and results discussed with the participants so that they are able to gauge their progress, and adopt corrective means to improve on their weak areas
  • Free and regular flow of information to the engineering participants through Email Newsletter

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Duration of each distance learning program: 4 Month approximately. It depends on the candidates’ commitment to the course. By investing approximately 100 hours, a candidate will be able to go through the course and assignment completely. The above mentioned courses can be started any time as per the convenience of the participant.


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I did my piping technology course from distance learning mode, however the instructor My Roy was always available for any queries and I really enjoyed the depth of the course. It is a very good foundation for furthering your career into piping engineering and surely recommend CGNL to any one.  


Souhail Khan

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